Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When the weather is nice, Matilda and I get in the car and go downtown for a walk. I've tried walking around the neighborhood but there aren't any sidewalks and we adjoin a very busy street so it's hard not to get ran over.

So, a few blocks down is the newly erected "dockwalk". It seemed pretty enough. Heck, they have condos right there that start at $599,900

(they have an elevator in each one!) Please call or visit the website and purchase one for me. The elevator seems so exciting!

We took our little walk and came across these:

What are they? A closer look...

Oysters. Yet another reason I probably will never eat one:

They seem attracted to icky things! I mean, what was that pipe carrying? I shudder to think. And why is that pipe still there???

Ironically, there's this sign.

Who would want to?

Granted, the water/tide is low this time of year and no one would have ever seen what was under the water. Except for the lovely new dockwalk they have built, this amateur sleuth...

And her junior detective:

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ode to the Old House

We sold the house
(got screwed on the deal)
I'm sadder than I can say
(or even let myself feel)

Though it was old, it was sturdy
In winter it was cold
But still warm and inviting
Not often clean
Unless we planned something exciting

Days spent dreaming of our future...just lazing
The water in that town - yellow and stinky
Not fit for human consumption
or even just bathing

Still, I will miss it
I want to live there again

Unlike this townhome,
Plenty of room for five cats

Hope the new owners love it,
take care of the bunnies
and enjoy the bats.