Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Matilda Watches GloZell

Sooooo...a while back, Fighting Mad Mary posted her friend GloZell's video...then my friend Gnightgirl blogged it...then our friend Wendy posted that she was blogging it from FMM and GNG and wouldn't it be funny if someone posted it from her blog?

Wellllll, lately our Miss Matilda loves watching videos on the computer...she mostly watches bunnies and animals and videos of herself but, as it turns out, EVEN SHE loves GloZell!

And who wouldn't really???

And while I was on GloZell's YouTube site, I found a new favorite of mine:

She is talented!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bizzzzzzy Weekend!

We had a ton of fun this weekend...we just went and went and went!

Saturday we toured Tryon Palace in New Bern. You're not allowed to take any pictures inside...waaaaaah! No pictures!

They were pretty nice though. Since we had our own li'l tour guide (Matilda), a nice lady came out and gave us a quick walk-through tour of our very own.

(Flower thief)

(Two flies at the same time!
Ruining both Mike and Matilda's straws.
We just had to laugh...)

She felt like such a big girl!

On Sunday we went to tour Screen Gem Studios in Wilmington, NC...where they film one of my favorite shows, One Tree Hill. It was my hubband's very nice idea chosen just for me! We really enjoyed it...saw the sets...didn't get ANY spoilers...and, again, didn't get to take any pictures inside. Blah!

We turned her seat around for the first time. I don't know who was more pleased and proud...

Peyton's car(s)

Then we headed to downtown Wilmington...they shoot scenes for the show there, too.

Brooke's store...empty!
They should think about actually selling clothes there!

I like how this one turned out:

Matilda met a doggie inside Java Dog...they allow them in there! She was a sweetheart named Junebug.

Today, we had plans of touring the maritime museum but we just were tuckered out. And did a little shopping before we decided it was too hot...we'll save it for another day. Matilda met some nice doggies again though. Who would have ever thought two catpeople would have a dog lover??!?!? We're wishing we'd rethought that now because I'd love for her to have a dog...

That's for another day and time, too!!!