Thursday, May 24, 2007

Invader #2

Last week we found a new creature planted in our yard.

I couldn't believe it when Mike told took a while for me to understand that it just wasn't leaving. We think it might have been injured. We heard (through our neighbors) that it hung out for the whole day. Our nice neighbors brought it water and bread and called wildlife organizations to see if they could pick it up.

Of course, we worried about the little goosey. And just after I took this picture from the front door, we headed out to go for a walk and give it some bread and "poof" - - it was gone. No where to be found.

Thanks for stopping by li'l goosey! Hope wherever you are, you're safe and sound!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


A few nights ago, we heard some growling and hissing coming from the other room. Here's what we found:

Our neighbor's kitty had been lounging on our front porch. It really drives the cats nuts! The curiosity gets the best of them and they meet at the window and explode. And this li'l kitty won't stand down. Instead, it climbed the window menacingly! I'm sure we haven't seen the last of it yet...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kill Me Now!

Is what is what I would say if this (Doctor finds spiders in boy's ear) happened to me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

OK, at least this: 3,500 lbs of bat guano found in attic isn't us.

Unfortunately, we may see more bats in the house this summer. Great timing with the new baby coming and all, right?

We decided to hire a professional. They came out right away and gave us an estimate. I was really encouraged by their earnestness.

Then the representative told us that he couldn't start until August.

I wanted to throw myself on the floor and cry. I seriously had a hard time keeping it together. I told him we had a baby coming in July and this wouldn't work for us - bats in the house with the baby!?!?!?!

He explained it's been a weird bat season - with the unusually warm weather and then the late freezes. He hasn't been able to start on any jobs that were booked this winter. There are only certain times to close a house up or you risk trapping the bats inside and getting even more in the living space. Or they die in there and stink your house up (plus, I guess that's not a very humane thing to do.)

Sooooo...what do we do?

There's no one else that does this sort of work locally. Other places I've checked are just as backed up and would ask twice as much as a local business.

So, we plan to do some even more drastic "barricading" in that room. The room which just so happens to be the room I've planned for the baby because of it's size and...I guess I'm not sure exactly why. The other spare room is currently the Hubband's computer/guitar room so I just figured this was the one. Plus, it's a nice, light tan-ish color that I like. It's just been the baby's room all along in my mind.

And, I guess Baby Woof will be sleeping in our room until this bat ordeal is finished. I'm appalled when I think that I'm even facing this situation - what kind of a mother am I anyway?? A poor planning one, I guess.

I've decided I'm buying this for her crib:

See me and Baby Woof up there? All happy and bat (and cat) free???

No cats stealing baby's breath...

No babies with rabies...

Maybe. :0)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cat naps

We have pretty exciting weekends around here sometimes. Lots of cat naps and...naps with cats. They love it when we're home and lounging.

Hubbo with four cats

Aggie and Tuffy

G and Ally

Tuffy and G