Friday, March 31, 2006


We decided to bring Tommy in last night. We sometimes don't have the brightest of ideas. I know the proper way to introduce cats. You put the new cat in a separate room. Sometimes for days. Let the cats smell through the door. Eat on the opposite sides of the door. You get the picture.

Of course, last night we just let him walk right through the door.

Ol' G was unconcerned. (I say "Ol' G" because my vet always asks me: "How's Ol' G doin'?" That's what he asked me the last time I brought in a new cat - basically, "Do you know what you're doing to your old, nervous cat????") Well, as I said, G couldn't have cared less. Lucky - our easygoing, everfriendly, never-scared kitty was...well, I heard sounds coming from him that I'd never heard before. I've heard growling from some of my other cats (usually when they are growling at Lucky). We have five cats. Never has an introduction gone so strangely. Lucky growled for probably the first time in his life. And never stopped as long as Tommy was in his sight.

Aggie (our most frequent growler - she's very shy) made a new noise I'd never heard: "OoooOooOOOoooooo" and puffed herself up. I'm surprised she was even brave enough to be in the room. Tuffy (our 20 lb. cat) hid under the bed - skeered. Little Ally just peeked around the corner occasionally.

Tommy wasn't the least bit aggressive. Until he felt cornered. Lucky and G usually follow us around the house. Tommy was trying to. Lucky blocked Tommy's path toward us. G came up behind him to try to follow and I could see Tommy looking for a way out. He didn't find one - so he swiped at G.

I'm not sure that Tommy is happy as an inside cat. He likes us. He likes to be held. But, I was trying to let him explore the house and all he wanted to do was yell at the back door to go outside. I mean, he really wanted out. We were outside for a few moments and he climbed the door and hung from the window in the door. Like a li'l kitty chin-up. He is a ster-rong cat. We finally let him walk outside and he followed Mike to the garage. He spent the night out there. It's a stressful time introducing a new cat. You'd like it go smoothly. You'd like them to get along. You'd like to have your life back to normal. And your cats' lives. I feel for them the most. They're truly frightened. Their lives are completely disrupted. They can't understand what's happening. Mike tried to explain it to Lucky:

"This kitty needs a home. Like you did. Remember?"

We'll try it again later. Maybe taking it slower this time.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kitties, kitties, kitties, kitties, kitties

Uh, more pics of my kitties. I'm trying to be a good-photo-taker-of-er.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Champaign Area Trap Spay/Neuter and Adoption Program.

This is a FABULOUS organization. I cannot say enough about them. They currently have my stray kitty. Well, the volunteer vet at the animal control facility has him. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him after I pick him up today. (We will, at the very least, be his foster home.)

Anyway, back to this wonderful organization - CATsNAP. They are a no kill shelter in the Champaign-Urbana area. If you have a stray kitty and you are strapped for cash, they will spay/neuter and vaccinate the cat for free and/or would appreciate a small donation to their cause.

I, for one, believe in their cause. I got choked up while talking to their generous vet, Gretchen Reed (sp?) out of LeRoy. I thanked her for her time and generousity. (Well, I tried too.) I told her that I have five cats and I just don't know how I could adopt another one. She has eight kitties and provides a foster home for others. What an amazing woman - the type of woman I can aspire to be.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lost Kitty

Please. Someone. Take this kitty.

He is extremely friendly. And cute.

I have 5 cats. I'm a crazy cat woman. I cannot have another animal. If I could, I would pick this cat.

If anyone knows anyone with a loving home for this kitty - - please let me know.

My friend gnightgirl has taken some beautiful shots with the kitty. Check out her blog for the cutest photos of Tommy a/k/a TomKat.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Burger King

I’m sure everyone – at one time or another – has gotten a call in the middle of the night. Usually, your heart jumps into your throat (and then out of your body) as you scramble for the phone thinking the worst possible things could be happening…

But, this time it’s only:

Yes, Burger King. Not – THE KING – I’m sure. And this was happening to us way before the King came out. It’s some sort of FAX or DATA TRANSMISSION or some other blasted thing. They’ve called at some of the strangest times too. As I said, it’s usually in the middle of the night when we’re dead asleep. Though they did call once around 3:00 a.m. when we happened to be up trying to catch a bat inside our house. [A story for another blog(s) someday.]

Anyway, this last time happened to be after I’d stayed up watching the Oscars. I got to bed later than usual. I had finally almost fallen to sleep and the phone rings. Who is it???????

Of course, it’s friggin’ Burger King!!!!! I hadn’t gotten a call from them in a few months. I pick up the phone and hang up on them. BK calls back and I let them leave a message.





I pick up the phone and hang up on the message. Who knows how long it could go on??? Plus, I have the cats in bed with me and I don’t want them to leave ‘cause of the loud, annoying message.

Whew! This is a long blog for me.

OK, I have previously called my phone company AND Burger King customer service. BK claims that they don’t recognize this number. Well, I called my phone company again yesterday and here’s their advice:

“Dial: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 and then hang up.”

ME: “Ooooo-kay. What if that doesn’t work?”

THEM: “Just a second….clickety-clackety-click-click-clack...”

“My coworker says that she usually tells people to dial 2 seven times.”

Now, she did try to locate the number to no avail and then asked me if I had tried a reverse look-up.

Yeah. Duh. I have. I haven’t found it.

We’ll see what happens if those b@$%@&$ call back.

(That’s Lucky helping me arrange the phone for the picture.)