Thursday, February 07, 2008

Southern Fried Living

You know you're in the South when:

you can order suh-wheat tea anywhere you go. (They probably think I'm nuts when I order unsweet. Of course, Mike looooooves him some sweet tea.)

You know you're on the Southeast coast when:

You get a basket of hush puppies when you order a meal at local restaurants. Along with all the butter and/or margarine you could ask for to dip them in. That's right - dip your fried crap in butter...(If and when I eat them, I prefer ketchup...)

Neither one of those are my pics - yep, I'm stole 'em from Yahoo images...

Seriously, we wonder why we are the fattest nation AND why we have something like 18 million people with diabetes. I believe it all started here...

I'm getting more used to it in NC...maybe because I'm hoping to move closer to home and I distract my brain by thinking of this as temporary.

I had written this post in my head while lying in bed a few nights, I'm having trouble remembering everything. But, it went something like this: I love the weather here. Honestly, I feel guilty about how warm it is here while, the other day, my family and friends were covered in 10 inches of snow...and I'm constantly overdressing. In fact, I guess I should/could be in shorts today, but I'm not ready! It's February! What the heck???? I haven't had a pedicure or anything...I'm not ready! But, how can I complain about that? I'm not really - it just blows my mind. My brain is not wired for it!

On the other hand, I'm thankful that I can take my daughter out for walks. That we can go as a family on the weekends and explore little downtowns and shops (that are closed on Sundays because this is the SOUTH and they are good churchgoers unlike us who have yet to find a church...and...we will when we're ready)

I've always abhorred the cold. It is sooo painful to me. I used to run from my car to the store and vice versa. In fact, I think I might be close to having this. Maybe not really, but damn close.

But, I would trade this beautiful weather in a nanosecond, to be home with my family and friends.

In the meantime, we'll soak it up...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes We Can

If I could vote in the primary tomorrow, you know I would! And I'd be voting for Barack Obama. (Our primary isn't until May in NC.)

I was recently e-mailed this new video and I really like it.

I'm HOPE-ful...