Friday, November 17, 2006

Lucky the remodeler!

He's wearing the mask that I wore while painting. I just wanted to see what he would do...he's actually a pretty smart kitty*.

*Lucky (is lucky he) wasn't harmed at all during the filming of this video.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm a friggin' weirdo!

My friend, Gnightgirl tagged me. (She was previously tagged by our friend Wendy).

List 5 things that are weird about yourself.

(Then tag 5 people.)

Hmmmmm....let's see....there are soooo many!

1. I'm very superstitious. Every morning my husband and I say the same thing: "I love. Be careful. I love."

2. I let my cats sleep in the kitchen cabinet. That's more gross than weird isn't it? We wash the pots and pans before we use them. If this keeps you from coming to my house for dinner - good. ;0)

3. Uh, I have five cats. Could I BE any weirder? (Or more loving?)

4. I have my own language. New addition(s): rebarrassed = embarrassed; grunchy =grouchy/cranky/crunchy?

5. I bought this the other day:

It's called a chamberstick. I had no idea what it was called - just knew that I wanted it. And now I walk around with it saying "Ebenezer Scroooooooooge....Eeeeeeeebeneeeeeeeezer Scrooooooge." (I first thought I wanted this after seeing Micky's Christmas Carol. Ebenezer carries this with him to bed. I think.)

I tag: Ilaiy, Woof, Jamie, Mary P. and Kristin!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lounging with cats

Sometimes while I'm on the couch with my kitties - they do such cute things they need to be photographed!

Here are some recent photos of the gang.

All five cats
(please ignore the ugly human)

Lucky takes a nap

A rare shot of Aggie


Big Tuffy

More to come!

Mystery Machine!

Last night I stopped by Schnucks and saw this!! I just had to photograph and blog it.

Has anyone else seen this in C-U???? I love it!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Things around my house

My friend, Gnightgirl, issued a challenge for us to look around at items in our home that bring us joy/memories.

Here are a few of the (inanimate, non-furry) things around my house that bring me joy:

My "Tuffy statue" I bought at the Apple/Pork festival a few years ago

The box that my Christmas gift from Ilaiy came in.
I love this box so much! I think it's so beautiful!
It had a lovely green bowl in it - but I just really admired this box!

A box that Mike brought back for me from Japan. It's a puzzle box.
It takes like 14 steps to get this thing open.
Frustrating and fun!!!
(Even though there was nothing inside it. Much to my disdain.)

Mike's chair as kid:

My wittle rocking chair (with a kitty behind it).
I loaned it to my sister as a kid and now it's waiting...

Yay! I did it! That was fun!! I'm ready for more challenges!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Last weekend we spent...well - working.

Painting and staining and painting and fuming. We wore masks and I think I got deoxyginated (my OWN word - hope you like it) and I was really tired by the second day. I felt a lot like this:

Seriously. I felt that tired. Like my cheeks were going to slide off my face. Why was I working so hard? I wanna have a li'l baby. And I don't want to have paint fumes in the house during that time. Anyway, this led to the comment that I told my husband: "I don't wanna have a baby anymore. If it's this hard to get ready - I don't think I'm up for it. In fact, I wish I had never been born." Thankfully, he finds me really cute and funny...reassured me that we were just "paying the piper" for living in this house for 3 years without finishing what we've started. OK, OK!!!

Here's the progress so far:


(It was a lovely, mustard color before.)

(Light tan - so fresh - so clean.)

The linoleum will be removed - but that's a project for another day and another person...

Here's the hubband working on the ceiling. He worked on it for two days. Yes, two whole days. There was a large crack going the length (well, actually the width) of the ceiling. And our ceiling is plaster. He patched and sanded and handpainted the ceiling for fear that the paint/paper would peel. (The brainiacs before us wallpapered the ceiling and it doesn't take to paint very well. This happened to us in another room we did earlier this year.) The end result from all his work is that the ceiling looks perfect. And he started painting the room. (It's his computer/guitar/whatever room.) Exciting! Another room for us to live in. I will be buying something for it...maybe a couch or I hear a trip to Ikea coming up??? Gnightgirl?

I will take more pics of the hubband's beautiful new room soon. Oh, the best thing about that room is that the previous owner's son lived in there and the ceiling fan-pully-thingy says "Mac Daddy." I might just have to keep that...

Here's my new hallway upstairs. Let me just say that I think I'm purty good at getting this wood thing done w/o sanding anything. Have I ever mentioned that I'm lazy??? Well, I almost destroyed this floor for good. Used the wrong product on it - got done staining it at 11:30 Sat. night. We slept in the living room to let it dry. Woke up and it was sticky-icky. I knew - just knew when I was applying it that something wasn't right. But, it was late. I wanted to knock that sucker out! And Mike told me to be careful - not to make a silly mistake because I was tired. Well, obviously I did. And I was very disappointed with the results. Long story a wee bit shorter - I ended up slathering something else on top of it and VOILA!! It's all good! I'm still wondering if I have the energy to do the rest of the upstairs floors...time will tell.



Notice Mike's wittle dusty footprints. They brush right off. It was dry before we walked on it.
Oh, BTW, never - never - never use a stain with a poly all-in-one product. Take it one at a time. It will save you lots of time later. ;0)