Monday, January 16, 2006

Kitty treat?

Lucky - our diabetic kitty. He doesn't get many treats. When we first got him I noticed he was sickly. We kept giving him antibiotics for - well, let's just say a li'l problem he was having. When you take excessive amounts of antibiotics - it's recommended to eat some bacteria to replace the "good bacteria" that gets annihilated by the antibiotics. Lucky developed quite a taste for yogurt.

Mike sat down last night to eat a little yogurt snack. He couldn't figure out why Lucky went so crazy. I think that Lucky remembers his yogurt days. Before the tests came back to show that he was diabetic. I still can't be certain that it wasn't my fault - that I didn't elevate his blood sugar level by feeding him tons o' yogurt. But, we treat him as a diabetic kitty and feed him special food and he acts like he feels better.

Lucky - cleaning up the remnants of a snack...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Rat a tat Cat

I don't quite have this food thing worked out yet and it's not from lack of trying. First of all, we have five cats. We feed them three types of food. Ol' G gets ol' man/kidney trouble cat food. Lucky gets diabetic food. Ally was just recently put on the fast track to adulthood and is eating fat-cat food.

Where do we store all of this cat food? Well, our downstairs stand-up shower serves as a good place to keep the 20 lb. bags of food out of reach. See, kitties are hunters, scavengers and -- really -- a lot like rats. They claw and scratch their way to any food they can find. Case in point: this picture. This cabinet has a childproof lock on it - it's where I keep the bins of fat-cat food. We hear this door banging at all hours of the night. Sometimes they manage to get a paw in there and knock the food over. But, damn they sure are cute...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

This is what happens...

when you leave the room for a few minutes. These photos were taken the other night at our New Year's Eve party. **

Kitties gotta have some fun too, I guess!

**Kitty-eaten food was promptly disposed of!!!**

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ringin' in the Year

We were extremely excited to have a party for New Year's Eve. We cleaned our @$$es off and Mike cooked up a storm and I was ready to get saucy.

We were also able to surprise our dear friend Gnightgirl with a li'l birthday cake and gifts that I think she enjoyed.

I had a wonderful time and I hope every new year can start this way.