Friday, June 20, 2008

Father Day

Father's Day was almost a week ago...but we've been a little busy here and time has gotten away from me. Mike had an appendectomy on Tuesday and had been ill for several days before that.

We did go to lunch on Father's Day and saw this sign:

I found it funny and fitting because it seems like something I would say anyway since I have my own language sometimes and love saying quirky things. (I'm also loving the "Draff" beer...and I will forever call it that, too.)

I'm awake and it's late and I'm thinking of him in the hospital and hoping he comes home tomorrow and that everything is OK because:

If there ever was a man born to be a father, it is my husband. And Matilda is the luckiest little girl in the world to have him as her father. Anyone who knows him would absolutely agree.

When I was younger, I thought of the future often. Of someday having children and worrying that I would be jealous. Because I do love being the center of attention and I knew I wouldn't want to lose that place...even so, I was also pretty sure that someday my feelings would probably become moot when a new "star" was born.

It, of course, has happened. Maybe long before now and without my noticing. But I clearly saw it last night.

We were walking the halls of the hospital as a family. Mike moving gingerly and Matilda holding my finger while wobbling along. And I saw Mike's face as he looked at her - - it took my breath away and I have filed it as a favorite memory. He was more than enthralled - - beaming and proud. She brings him such joy and I love to see him happy. We absorb her movements and milestones in awe and she is the best thing that we have done. The pleasure she brings us is in evident in our faces...and no face is more photogenic and expressive than his.

I love looking at them.

Friday, June 06, 2008

What you won't find in our kitchen...

I got this meme from my good friend, Gnightgirl...who got it from Fightin' Mad Mary's site. I had actually seen it there the other day, too...but didn't sit down to post it myself until now. Since I think we try to be pretty healthy here, I thought it would be easy! It took me a little while but, here goes!

  1. Hydrogenated Oils – The Woofs won’t eat anything with hydrogenated oils in it. You probably can’t imagine the host of things this leaves off our list. (Certain cakes, ice cream, cookies, chips, coffee creamers, etc.)
  2. Hot dogs – we only eat “fake meat” (vegetarian) hotdogs. I shudder to think about what’s in the real deal.
  3. White bread – or any bread product that has been bleached. I prefer whole grain wheat…unless my husband really, reeeeeeally wants it!
  4. Mono and di-glycerides - Mike really tries to avoid these. I’m not quite as picky…though you don’t like to see animal fat in your bread products…or ice cream…or a lot of stuff! But they put it in there for some reason!
  5. Cookies…or ice cream…unless they are no fat or verrrry low fat and just FOR THE TIME BEING, I’m trying to practice: “what I buy at the store (or rather, what I don’t buy at the store) keeps me eating healthy at home!”
  6. Non-organic milk – I don’t like extra hormones in my milk. When I was breastfeeding, there was a whole list of stuff I couldn’t eat or drink…why wouldn’t we regulate what “goes into” a cow?
  7. Non-organic meat – our meat is either all natural or “fake” (see above).
  8. Soda – we were on a soda phase very briefly. After I had Matilda, I was craving lots of sweets. Soda is waaaaaay to sugary and that was gone after a few weeks.
  9. White sugar** - I am currently trying to eradicate this problem! My husband likes to put it in his coffee and doesn’t like spending more $$$ on the natural stuff…
  10. Stuff with lots of sodium in it - I try to avoid high sodium stuff whenever I can (almost crazily - the doctors' office told me my blood pressure was almost low while I was pregnant!) I add a can or two of no salt added tomato sauce to pasta sauce when I make something…I buy low sodium chicken broth for my soups and add lotsa water to it…my poor husband has even been buying low salted peanuts! (I agree with Lori on the soy sauce though - if you’re going to have salt - go all out!)