Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Special Treat

Monday night I was cooking dinner...wait - I'll let you recover from the shock of that one...Mike was out of town and what's a pregnant girl to do??? She gots to eat!

So I was cooking dinner and had a rare treat. Our normally shy, skeeredy cat, Aggie, jumped on the fridge to be queen for a moment. She seemed so confident and cuddly.

Ally just had to join her:

And later in the evening I came across the cutest thing! A kitten 'n a basket!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

And, I know Christmas is loooooong gone but I wanted to post two things about my trip home to see my family. Well, maybe more than two...

I really enjoy seeing my family. And the anticipation of Christmas always makes me soooo excited. My mother always made sure my sister and I had a wonderful Christmas and this year was no exception. It was fabulous. I got everything I wanted.

My mom put up a special new tree:

It's mounted on the wall. The picture may not do it justice, but it was gorgeous. I thought it looked like something out of a magazine.

And look as this cute present I got from my mom.

Doesn't that look like a gigantic piece of candy??? (It was a pair of slippers).

Last, but not least, I have this story and video of my dad. I had asked for a John Denver greatest hits CD and, of course, I got it. I opened it up and announced what it was and my dad was incredulous. "How come no one gets me a good gift like that???"

I brought him his CD tower where he found his own John Denver greatest hits (that I think I bought him several years ago) and many other CDs that he'd forgotten about. It was Christmas many times over for him! So, we put in the John Denver CD and I snuck this video:

Turns out, my dad drove a chartered bus for John Denver's family once and got to sit in the family box during a John Denver concert. Dad said that he didn't stop playing for three hours. He let the orchestra take a break while he kept right on strumming his guitar and singing. How could I have forgotten this story??? Sounds amazing.

Wait, wait - one more thing. Here's a pic of me and my parents' kitty, Archie. We're just two fat cats relaxing and having a great time.